Our Platform

Our platform was created 100%, from top to bottom, by neurologists. Our co-founders are both board-certified and subspecialty trained in neurology and have teaching, research, publication, and question-writing experience. Additionally, we receive input and content from dozens of actively practicing neurologists that are experts in their fields. This content is actively reviewed and updated. Content in this platform was meticulously chosen with a deep understanding of the high-yield topics and percentage make-up of Resident In-service Training Exam (RITE) and board exams. Content within the platform was weighted carefully to match the importance of these topics on these examinations, in order to deliver an inclusive, but concise and time-efficient, study experience.

To maintain closeness to board certification and the RITE, our team includes vetted neurology residents and fellows, who provide supervised content and product usability feedback. We listen continuously to feedback and platform requests and are constantly working on new features and content iterations to improve the user experience.

We are the only study platform for the RITE and ABPN Board examination that is multi-feature, offering not only a question bank, but also image banks, flashcard bank, cases, and text chapters. Made for neurologists, by neurologists.

Our Mission

To help neurology residents, attendings, medical students, and advanced practitioners become better in what they do and prepare them for in-service examinations, board exams, and recertification.

Our Story

In 2015, Dr. Brian Hanrahan entered his junior year of neurology residency. In the spring of that year, he took the annual Residency In-service Training Examination (RITE®), which is used to gauge knowledge of neurology and neuroscience while identifying areas for potential growth.

While attempting to prepare for this exam he noticed that there was a paucity of highly efficient resources available to help residents learn about a diversity of neurological issues. Dr. Hanrahan saw a need for an educational resource that provided neurology residents with the highest yield topics which will prepare residents for the RITE® as well as the Neurology Boards exam.

There are several text-based resources for the Neurology boards but almost no resources in an online format. It wasn’t until he met Dr. Steven Gangloff, MD, whose experience in neurology, web design, and promotion allowed this project to become a reality.

Together, Dr. Hanrahan and Dr. Gangloff put together a series of chapters, questions, and high-yield images. A review of available resources for the Neurology Boards, as well as RITE® related content, allowed them to recognize what was truly “high-yield.”

This study guide for the RITE® exam and Neurology Boards is a living resource that is being continuously updated. Resources such as these need to be as up-to-date as possible!

We hope that you find this resource useful. If there is anything you think needs to be corrected or changed, or if you think there is a topic that can be presented better or in more detail please feel free to reach out to us from our Contact Us page.

Our Philosophy

Science has taught us that the best way to learn and retain knowledge is by experiencing content through multiple sensory modalities. It isn’t enough to simply read something once. For the best retention, one should strive to read about a topic, review visual diagrams and images, hear and speak what they learn audibly, and test their knowledge with self-quizzing.

We have curated only the highest-yield neurology content for the RITE, ABPN neurology board certification exams, and shelf exams. Because of our philosophy, we present this information to you through text chapters, images, case bank, flashcards, and question banks.


This project has been influenced by over 20+ residents, fellows, and attendings. While it is challenging to acknowledge every person involved, we would at least like to give sincere thanks to the following editors/reviewers/contributors in no particular order: Dr. Bradley Klein, Dr. Robyn Massa, Dr. Lee, Dr. Andrew Levin, Dr. Daniel Varon, Dr. Megan Mantica, Dr. Yasmin Aziz, Dr. Kyle Rodenbach, Dr. Matthew Ginsberg, Dr. Jody Manners, Dr. Parneet Grewal, Dr. Eric Jackowiak, Dr. Pouria Moshayedi, Dr. James Eaton, Dr. Aaron Nehamkin, Dr. Meghan Piccinin, and Ryan Orie, PA, Dr. Bahadar S. Srichawla, Dr. Maithreyi Chappidi, Dr. Igal Mirman, and Dr. Bill Su.

Additionally, special thanks to Dr. Clayton Wiley (UPMC) and Dr. Ralph Jozefowicz (University of Rochester) for their willingness to share their pathologic slides/radiographic image databases.