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This online resource is the only independent active online resource for the education of neurology residents and other neurology-care providers. It will provide you with an outline of the highest yield topics for the RITE® exam as well as the Neurology Boards.

This website is in no way a comprehensive review of all neurology but it does cover the highest yield topics for the examinations that one would take in neurology residency and beyond.


NowYouKnow Neuro is designed to provide information and guidance in regard to the neurologic diseases it covers. It is a study guide and thus not meant to be a clinical resource. The content of this website is largely original content gathered through the input of numerous experts, as well as some other secondary sources which are cited throughout. We encourage you to review them at your leisure for clarification about any topics discussed.

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This project has been influenced by over 15+ residents, fellows, and attendings. While it is difficult to acknowledge each and every person involved, we would at least like to give sincere thanks to the following editors/reviewers/contributors: Drs. Andrew Levin MD, Megan Mantica MD, Matthew Ginsberg MD, Daniel Varon MD, Yasmin Aziz MD, Eric Jackowiak MD, Robyn Massa MD, Bradley Klein MD, Pouria Moshayedi MD, Kyle Rodenbach MD, Jody Manners MD, Alexandra Sadasivan MD, Michael Dressen MD, Wilson Heredia MD, and PA Ryan Orie.

Additionally special thanks to Clayton Wiley MD, PhD (UPMC) and Ralph Jozefowicz MD (University of Rochester) for their willingness to share their pathologic slides/radiographic image databases.

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