Supercharge your neurology board review, RITE exam prep, or neuro shelf test studying with NEUROLOGY FLASHCARDS! Understanding is paramount, but unfortunately, one aspect of academic success does rely on simple memorization and repetition. We’ve curated sub-topic sets of flashcards on the most high-yield topics and “buzzwords” from neurology board and RITE* exams. Segment your studying into all of the high-yield subtopics for your exam, from epilepsy, movement disorders, and stroke neurology, to psychiatry. 

We recommend reviewing the corresponding flashcard set after completing each exam chapter. Then, review all of the flashcards once through again approximately one week before your ABPN board exam, RITE, or neuro shelf exam. This delayed repetition will enforce the greatest learning retention.

Choose from the neurology flashcards subtopics below to begin your board exam, RITE, or Shelf exam prep!