As a neurologist, it is imperative to be able to interpret neurodiagnostic studies. For neurology exams such as the RITE and ACGME Neurology Board exam, the most commonly tested neurodiagnostic studies are neuroradiology images, neuropathology images, EEG epochs, and EMG/NCS case reports.

Bilateral ischemia on gross coronal section of brain


Hundreds of high-yield gross specimens and pathologic slides to prepare for any neurologic exam. Just click each image to learn more!

Left PICA Infarct on brain MRI


Hundreds of brain and spine MRI, CT, and angiograms to practice anatomy, understand pathology, and prepare for exams.

EEG with GPDs with Triphasic Morphology on Average montage, Secondary to hepatic encephalopathy


Hundreds of high-yield EEG epochs that may come up on your RITE or ACGME Neurology Board exams. You won't need to read full EEGs on the test, but you should be able to recognize some key neurodiagnostic findings.


EMG/NCS Case Bank

Though sometimes tedious or difficult, it is important to be able to interpret high-yield EMG/NCS reports. The best way to do this is by practicing. Here, we have 50 high-yield EMG/NCS cases to study for the RITE and neurology board exams.