Queston #6368Note

Semantic memory relates to memories representing general concepts and factual knowledge (ex: sky is blue; there are 50 states in America)
– dysfunction in semantic memory does not localize well to any particular region in the brain but can be the initial presenting sx a variant of frontotemporal dementia 

Episodic memory dysfunction can present as either anterograde amnesia (impaired ability to learn new information) or retrograde amnesia (recently learned information can’t be retrieved)
– can be seen in patients with lesions in the mesial temporal lobe(s)

Procedural memories are learned skills that are considered automatic and unconscious
– lesions to basal ganglia or cerebellum lead to problems with procedural memory 

Workin memory can be more easily remembered as short-term memory. Patients with working memory dysfunction will show poor attention and inability to learn new multistep instructions