Queston #6709Note

Kleine Levin syndrome 
– disease typically affecting young males characterized by recurrent episodic hypersomnia along with behavior and cognitive changes 
– dx requires at least 2 episodes of recurrent, time-limited hypersomnia (2 days to 5 weeks), associated with cognitive or behavioral change, with a return to baseline between episodes 

Behavioral changes include: 
– hyperphagia, irritability, hallucinations, uninhibited sex drive 

It usually improved with age, but stimulants like modafinil or methylphenidate and mood stabilizers like lithium can be tried 

* Bipolar disorder can consist of spells of mania, but hypersomnia with uninhibited sexual behavior is more classic for Kleine Levin Syndrome 

Kluver Bucy syndrome does not occur in episodic spells